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Dr. Stephen Swihart

No one wants to hear it. The truth hits too close to home. But if the truth be told, OUR LEVEL OF OBEDIENCE TO GOD IS TOO SHALLOW TO EXPECT HIM TO KEEP OUR ENEMIES AT A SAFE DISTANCE.

It is good to grieve over the terrible tragedies of recent days, it is good to be patriotic, and it is good to demand justice against those who have attacked us. BUT UNLESS WE TURN AWAY FROM THOSE ACTIVITIES THAT INVITE DISASTERS, WE WILL SEE LITTLE-TO-NO SUCCESS IN OUR FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM. In fact, circumstances could actually become much worse.

If there is any connection between the sins of America and the tragedy of recent days, then we have plenty to pray about. Here are seven things to keep in mind.

First, we should pray that the United States will end its hypocrisy regarding prayer. A tragedy strikes us, the President calls for the nation to pray, and millions of people rally together. YET IN OUR SCHOOLS IT REMAINS AGAINST THE LAW FOR OUR CHILDREN TO PRAY OPENLY! We elevate prayer on the one hand, and we make it a crime on the other hand. We have taken the separation of Church and State far, far beyond reasonable limits. We cannot DEFY GOD IN OUR SCHOOLS and then expect Him to DEFEND US IN OUR STREETS.

Second, we should pray that the United States will STOP COMMITTING SPIRITUAL SUICIDE. We tell God in prayer WHAT WE EXPECT FROM HIM, but He is not allowed to explain from His Book WHAT HE EXPECTS FROM US. The Bible is the only Book in America that is OUTLAWED from school classrooms, courtrooms and legislative bodies. We are killing ourselves!

Third, we should pray that the United States will STOP PRACTICING OVERT TERRORISM AGAINST OUR OWN INNOCENT PEOPLE. We cannot ask the Lord of Life for protection from external murderers when we ourselves are killing over 40,000,000 of our own children as a convenient form of birth control! If we can violently dismember millions and millions of babies and throw their bleeding limbs in the trash without the slightest whim, then we dare not expect God to hear us when we pray for Him to save our lives.

Fourth, we should pray that the United States will REFUSE TO WATCH TELEVISION SHOWS OR MOVIES THAT DISHONOR GODLY LIVING. No nation can rightly expect God's help when it tolerates (and even promotes) secularism, sexual immorality of every description and the taking of His name in vain. THE LORD WILL NOT PROTECT A NATION THAT INTENTIONALLY PRACTICES AND PROFITS FROM SIN.

Fifth, we should pray that the United States will stand strong and OPPOSE EVERY OPERATION OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION (along with all of its clones). This organization has filed tens of thousands of lawsuits and overseen the passage of countless laws that are solely intended to drive a red-hot stake through the heart of every Christian value. There is no web of terrorism more lethal than the ACLU.

Sixth, we should pray that the United States will CEASE BEING THE NUMBER ONE SUPPLIER OF WEAPONS OF WAR AROUND THE WORLD. We cry against other nations when they share their military technology and weapons of destruction, but we do it more often than anyone else. Our hands are not clean!

Seventh, we should pray that ALL OF THE NATIONS ON EARTH WILL UNITE TO REMOVE EVERY TRACE OF TERRORISM FROM THE PLANET. Justice demands that people who intentionally take innocent lives must pay with their own lives (Gen. 9:6).

Yes, we must pray, but at the center of our prayers must be a wholehearted determination to STOP DOING THE THINGS THAT INVITE DISASTER IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Dr. Stephen Swihart
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