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In the Waiting

At 8:45am (7:45am Indiana Time) September 11th, 2001, the first of four hijacked planes struck Tower Two of the World Trade Center in New York City, New York. A half hour later the world began to watch the fires of the first crash not understanding what they were seeing. A second plane hit Tower One. Within an hour the Pentagon was hit and later in the morning a fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania, en route to Washington DC. The horror had struck, and the waiting began.

People across the United States watched the skies as the FAA closed our airspace for the first time in our nation's history. Listeners tuned in for the latest updates, hoping against hope that what they were hearing was not true. Planes crashing, towers falling, and people dying. And we waited for it all to end.

Finally it was announced that there were no more planes in the air except our military. After spending the day flying from safe point to safe point President Bush returned to Washington to address the nation. The country will survive.

In New York and Washington the search through the rubble began. And the nation began another stage of waiting. Death tolls could only be estimated, with Mayor Rudolph Gulliani only giving the estimate 'more than we can bear'.

As a tribute WFRN began playing the song 'In The Waiting'. The song, containing clips of speeches given at the time as well as listener's comments summed up the feelings of a nation that was upset by the unimaginable horror, yet supported by the unending hope of faith in Jesus Christ.