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Help Somebody Cry

It wasn't long after September 11th, 2001, when the nation realized that there would be no more survivors. Sorrow cast a shadow over our land while we mourned the loss of yet uncounted thousands. Their pictures adorned street corners in New York as families held out hope beyond hope that their husband, their wife, their parent or child would somehow come out of 'Ground Zero' alive or be found in a hospital.

The nation began to be involved in an active war against a hard to locate enemy and in many ways at war with itself with citizens taking a closer look at their neighbors. While the events of September 11th brought us together as nation, they also divided us. Another cause to mourn.

As the mourning continued WFRN played the tribute song 'Help Somebody Cry' and encouraged listeners to support each other brother to sister, as well as reach out to the unsaved through this period of national mourning.

The song includes audio clips of listener comments as well as the National Prayer Service.